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David wrote on

“It was a pleasure working with EliteWritingz. Everything was excellent, starting with a great website and ending with a quality work of the support team. They helped me to complete a task that was more than difficult due to burning deadlines and a deep research. I will definitely contact them again.”

Bethany wrote on

“I am a complete newbie, when it comes to creativity and I find it very difficult to provide fresh ideas. Luckily, my friend advised me to contact EliteWritingz. They helped me to complete a high school project on space invasions in a simple and humorous way, so I got an A and moved to the next class without any difficulties.”

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Adam wrote on

“First I was a bit angry to find out that my son is using EliteWritingzís services to complete his high school essays. However, I changed my mind when I saw that they not only write the papers but also give useful tips, send additional materials and encourage my son to study on his own. They are not only writers but also tutors and friends!”

Sarah wrote on

“I want to mark the amazing work of their support team, as I had a difficult assignment and needed to complete it ASAP. I contacted managers late after midnight and the answer came right away! In two days, everything was ready and I couldnít believe I got the highest grade! My classmates were so envious.”

Philip wrote on

“It was my first time contacting a writing service and I hesitated a bit, as I didnít know what to expect. However, my essay turned out to be flawless and my professor even had doubts that it was me, who had completed it! Next time I will ask my writer not to be so perfect in covering the topic!”

Why Choose Elite Writingz:

Our company provides elite custom writing services. We always provide impeccable services of the highest quality. Any student can contact us for help at any time. Check out why our customers choose Elite Writingz:

Variety of assignments

At you can find a large list of paper types, as well as a list of academic disciplines that our team can perform. We will help with the writing of any type of academic work, from a business plan to coursework. Most popular types of order are essay, review, research paper, annotated bibliography, abstract, resume, thesis etc. A huge plus of our company is the ability to write part of the work. You can order a dissertation article or one chapter of coursework. This way, you don't have to pay the full cost of the job.

Any Academic Level

Our services are used by students oh high schools, colleges and universities. Therefore, our pricing policy is based on the degree of complexity of writing this or that work. Papers for bachelors, senior scholars, and PhDs will differ in price. After all, the number of requirements for a master's work is much greater than for a high school student's paper. That is why it is very important to indicate the exact academic level and all the requirements of the professor when ordering custom essay writing. Despite the price difference, they are all quite affordable and suitable for every level.


You can choose from a few hours to several days. The price of the work depends on its urgency. It is worth contacting the author of the work and agreeing on the final deadline. After agreeing on all the conditions and the goal of your work, we will be able to demonstrate the exact cost of your work.

Type of Services

You can order any kind of work, and any way of writing. We not only write full articles on a variety of topics, but we also provide editing, rewriting and proofreading services. Our qualified writers can please you with any kind of service. We can correct and rewrite some of your finished work. All prices are matched against a specific type of writing.

Always on Time

We always adhere to the deadlines for the completion of work. We will never let you down at a crucial moment. You specify the deadline - we do the job efficiently and without delays.

Absolute Confidentiality

You can safely place an order on our website, without fear that someone will find out about it. All your data is protected. We do not transfer information about you to other organizations. You can order academic work completely anonymously.

Always Satisfied Clients Is Our Top Priority

Our elite writing company takes care of customers, we work around the clock, seven days a week. You can contact the support team of our service at any time. We have a reliable customer support team that will listen to your wishes, advise, and provide all the information you need. Therefore, contact us for the best custom writing services, and don't worry about anything. You can find out all the subtleties of our system and read the instructions in the section "How it works."

We understand the importance and responsibility that lies with us. We completely focus on your order and bring the work to perfection. All of our team are real professionals in their field, so you will be satisfied with the finished work received. During the approval process, it is worth discussing everything to the smallest detail. Custom writer needs to know the main message that you want to put into the work, the writing style, and even the font. Our writing elites always listen to clients' wishes and follow all instructions.

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